All you need to know… Perger’s 80:20 Method

It’s just this easy… But be patient and assume the coffee can be better until it gets worse. And if it really certainly isn’t getting better, go ahead and blame the roaster.

Extraction according to Matt Perger… (via)

Espresso, drip, plunger, aeropress, siphon, your shoe; it doesn’t matter what you’re brewing in or with. This quick and nasty trick will help you find the sweet spot for your coffee every time. You can call this the Lazy Barista Method, or even a plain old cheat. Just know, this is the very first step I take when encountering any coffee for the first time.

Here’s how to use it for both Espresso and Filter Coffee:

• Maintain the same weight of coffee grounds throughout.

• Extract More = Grind finer AND/OR brew for a longer time AND/OR use more water.

• Extract Less = Grind coarser AND/OR brew for a shorter time AND/OR use less water.

Follow the flow chart and forget everything else. No temperature surfing, no agitation schedule, no water analysis, no in-depth recipe usage, and absolutely no bullshit allowed. Just focus on more extraction or less extraction.