For now I choose not to reinvent the wheel. Instead, below you'll find an amazing collection of brew method tutorials.

Please keep in mind that lighter roasted coffees like ours tend to be more dense than typical "dark" roasts, as such they generally require a slightly finer grind than what you're used to.

Please refer to Matt Perger’s 80:20 Method, or his Coffee Compass for further instruction on getting the most out of your coffee and brew method.

Simply visit or check out the methods below.

Pour Over Methods

Hario V60 (Mr. Rao chimes in with au-thor-i-tee on my favorite dripper)

Kalita Wave (via Crema)

Drip as in Melita Style (via Blue Bottle)

The AeroPress

Or just go straight to the World AeroPress Championship Recipes site and have fun. Both standard and inverted methods are used. Just be sure to have a scale and good grinder on hand.

The Venerable Moka Pot

The French Press

Bamboo paddle optional. (via Blue Bottle)

The Chemex

More pretty pictures (via Crema Coffee)