Just the FAQs

Here are some questions you might be pondering. If you have others, by all means contact us.

What Do You Mean "Roast To Order?"

Think of Chainring Coffee as more of a fine dining experience than a Vegas casino buffet.

The "quantity available" number you see on our products is a way for us to communicate to you what's on-hand in our green coffee storage without getting into the situation where you purchase coffee that we're out of and can't reorder. It is a seasonal crop after all.

Also, our goal is "fresh" coffee. We stamp our bags with a "roasted on..." date, not a "use by..." date. Keeping the beans whole, not ground, helps to preserve the aromatics and coffee oils.

Whenever possible, drink Chainring Coffee within 2-3 weeks of the date stamp, keep the bag sealed, and only grind what you need.

Do You Sell Dark (Vienna, French, Italian) Roasted Coffee?

In Fact, I Don't See "Light", "Medium", Or "Dark" On Your Bags. Why?

As mentioned at the top of the home page:

We roast for sweetness, and for happiness (yours and ours). We roast for the amazing flavors and inherent qualities of the coffees we painstakingly source.

Sometimes that means a lighter roast on a particularly delicate and floral bean like a Gesha varietal. Sometimes that means taking a lower grown Panamanian Bourbon varietal right to the edge of Full City +.

Experimentation and cupping determines the best place to stop the roasting process. We hope you agree.

Side note: Chainring prefers to use the City, Full City, Vienna roasting scale instead of Light, Medium, Dark.

Read more on roast scales here and here.

What Happened To The [Insert Your Favorite Chainring Coffee Here]?

Coffee is a seasonal crop. Chainring is a "micro" roaster with a "just-in-time" inventory management approach.

Our pledge is to seek out the best offerings available at the time of need. If the supplier happens to still have the bean we loved last time, hurray! If not, we'll go to great lengths to find a suitable replacement, or at least a delicious alternative.

Admittedly, for those who require an undisturbed routine of sameness, Peet's is there for you.

Do You Have Espresso, Or Blends?

We're working on it. In the meantime, try ordering a couple 250 gram bags and mixing them yourself. Start with 50/50 and adjust. It's fun!

Who Is Curly Willow Coffee?

Actually, that's us too. Names are tough. Plus the whole website domain name dot this and that thing. Branding. Marketing. First impressions... Ugh.

Naming my son (Keiran) was way easier than naming this business.

Anyway, there's a lovely 40' Curly (or sometimes Twisted) Willow Tree in my backyard that loves to deposit its spindly branches and twisty leaves on the grass.

The photo at the top of this page is of one of those branches in its current use as a lighted fixture on the wall of the Slow Coffee Exploratorium (more on that name later).

The logo, designed by Kris at Pool Creative, was much harder to give up than the name.

But in the end, it's a mouthful to say, and not in the way we want our coffee to reflect a mouthful of enjoyment. Hence Chainring Coffee Roasters won the day.

Why Chainring?

Because, bikes and coffee resonate to the core.

Follow me on Strava if you're into that sort of thing. Not that I have time for much of that right now, but when you have a chainring in your name/logo it's a constant reminder to get out there and do what you love...

PS. Chainring's logo design by Jenny Taylor.